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American Rails
Stories through the Lens
Railroads transformed America. With sheer industrial power, they helped build a fledgling nation into  a global superpower. Steel arteries spread across this vast country, giving birth to communities and uniting distant places. Greatly enhanced personal mobility and expanded trade created wealth and opportunity in individual lives.
This exhibit spotlights the still–evolving story of the American railroad. The photographs on display-which depict significant historical moments from contemporary American railroading-represent the culmination of a year–long call for entries. A five-person jury selected twenty-four winners from nearly 200 entries.
Each photograph offers its own unique perspective–a window into a specific corner of American railroading. Together, they tell the story of the people, places and machines of American railroading, past and present.
Contest Jurors
Ken Buehler
Exec. Dir., Lake Superior Railroad Museum
Duluth, Minnesota
Tom Brown
President (retired), Union Pacific - Streamliner
San Anselmo, California
Steve Esposito
Editor, Private Varnish Magazine
Mendota, Illinois
Tom Foley
Foley Photo Studio
Galesburg, Illinois
David Schauer
Schauer Photography
Duluth, Minnesota
To view a full screen image of these photographs click below.
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