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Barry J. Huff


I was hired out in 1962 as a fireman on the old CB&Q. I ran as a hostier of the last of steam 4960 and 5632, laid off in 1964. I went back to work as a switchman for the Q in 1966. Got called back into engine service as a fireman later part of '66 as a fireman, set up to engineer in 1967 - ran all type of trains, freight to passenger - retired in 2002. For a kid with just a high school education, it was a great job, it paid well and most of the time it was a lot of fun.

I have two sons now working for BNSF railroad. They both tell me they get paid well but they ask me "Where are all these good times you have told us about?" I have to tell them that when us old guys retired, we took the good times with us.

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Railfans viewing the 4960.


CB&Q 5632 on an Excursion near Denver, CO.

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