The National Railroad Hall of Fame (NRRHoF) will inspire people to appreciate and understand how railroads changed the face of our nation and continue to point the way to our future.


Criteria for Induction 

Inductees will have made a significant contribution to some aspect of railroading history.  He or she might be an inventor, a financier, a manager, an employee, or a member of a community, an organization, or any institution linked to railroading.  Inductees might also have made an indirect contribution to railroading through finance, journalism, art, photography, research, mining history, academics, government, inventions, or entrepreneurial activity.  Inductees may be people of ordinary circumstances who have made extraordinary contributions to the railroading industry.

In furtherance of its mission, the Board of Directors of the NRRHoF requests nominations of individuals in the history and contemporary operations of railroads in the United States of America for consideration for induction into the Hall of Fame in Galesburg, Illinois.  To be eligible, nominees must have been deceased for a minimum of ten years. Nominations for groups of individuals in recognition of their collective effort or contribution, as well as for entire communities historically tied to railroading, will also be considered.  Any individual or organization may submit nominations. 

Nomination Process
Nomination forms are available through the link at the bottom of the page or by contacting NRRHoF headquarters:


The National Railroad Hall of Fame

Attention:  Julie King, Executive Director

311 East Main Street, Suite 513

Galesburg, Illinois 61401


Or by phone: 309–345–4634


Only nominations submitted on the official nomination form will be accepted for review.  Completed nomination forms must be submitted directly to the NRRHoF using the address provided on the form.  Nominations received on or before October 1, will be considered in the current year.  Nominations received after October 1, will be considered the following year.


Following the directions and format of the official form, nominations should include:


  • Name and contact information for the person or organization making the nomination,

  • a two page biographical sketch of the nominee outlining the nominee’s career history;

  • an outline of the particular achievement(s) upon which the nomination rests and why such achievement(s) justify induction into the NRRHoF;

  • letters of recommendation (optional),

  • a photograph or electronic image suitable for reproduction (if available); and

  • contact details for the nominee, if living, or if deceased, of a surviving family member or other relevant individual or organization, if available.


Selection Process
The NRRHoF Board of Directors appoints a seven-member Nominations and Inductions Committee (“Committee”)  drawn from academia, government, industry and other relevant sectors.  This diverse panel possesses a broad range of knowledge of the United States rail industry and the men and women who have built and shaped it. 

Nominations are considered by chronological period.

  • Birth and Development Era:  1800 to 1865,

  • Golden Era:  1866 to 1945,

  • Modern Era, 1946 to present day.


The Committee reviews nominations, researches the accomplishments of the nominee, and fact checks information provided in the nomination.  Based on this review, the Committee recommends nominees for induction in the NRRHoF.  Recommendations are considered and approved by the NRRHoF Board of Directors, and the decision of the Board is final.   Persons or groups nominated to the Board but not selected for induction may be nominated in subsequent years.




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