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A Teacher Resource for Grades K-12

Railroads accelerated change, unleashing social, economic and technological forces that transformed the landscape, just as they encouraged people and communities to transform themselves through the search for opportunity and freedom.


The Trunks Through Time exhibit is a traveling learning tool that explores the experiences of several underrepresented groups of railroad travelers from 1880 - 1960. Building on themes of challenge and transformation, each trunk illuminates the life story and achievements of the trunk's owner. 


These educational trunk displays come equipped with lesson plans and teacher resource materials and will be available for teachers to download as a PDF, here on our website, and used in their classrooms. Follow the link under each category to view the resources and other information about each decade.

This project was funded by a grant from the Galesburg Community Foundation and brought to life through the ideas of Sheryl Hinman, curriculum input from Knox College History and Education department members,

and the National Railroad Hall of Fame. 


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