The National Railroad Hall of Fame celebrates the spirit of the railroaders. The ingenuity, vision and courage embodied in the lives of Hall of Fame inductees offer magnificent stories of national importance.

The railroaders transformed America; their stories have the power to inspire and transform all who discover them.



We are fulfilling our educational outreach mission through an exciting and interactive classroom exhibit called Trunks Through Time. This traveling teacher resource for grades K through 12 brings the history of railroad traveling directly to the classroom.  


Students will learn about the societal experiences and trials of the time with 6 different trunks, coordinating lesson plan and other fun learning tools. The trunks and resources explore the societal experiences and contributions of several groups of railroad travelers between 1880 and 1960.


Click here to view each trunk and it's corresponding teacher resources below!



The National Railroad Hall of Fame honors the men and women of American railroading –
visionaries, leaders, trendsetters, and ordinary people who made extraordinary contributions.
In honoring these leaders, we seek to educate and inspire the public on the role railroads play
in building the nation and shaping our future.

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