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Lew (Llewellyn) Gudgell

My Grandfather was born on October 16, 1866.  After working with the CB&Q in several states, he was transferred to Galesburg, Illinois.  He was Master Carpenter with his office on the second floor of the old depot.  He was in charge of the construction of Lake Rice and Lake Bracken in the early 1920’s.  He also worked on the railroad bridge over the Mississippi River near Quincy, Illinois. 


I remember going with him on his powered handcar that travelled on the railroad tracks.  He always carried a large carpetbag.  It usually had food, drink, and a gun for safety.


He was very proud of his railroad employment and retired in 1936 at the age of 70.  Many hours were then spent at Lake Rice because he was an avid fisherman.  He passed away in 1949.  I am now age 85 but still remember my grandfather as a strong, kind man whom I have always admired.

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