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Roquita Coleman-Williams

Solutions Manager, Canadian National Railroad


It is said, "Success comes to those who are too busy walking in their purpose to look for it." Roquita C. Williams is a living example of this as an award-winning leader, speaker, author, brand, strategist, and philanthropist.

Professionally, Roquita has permanently changed the landscape in the male-dominated rail and transit industries. In 2011, Roquita became the 63rd president, and first African American, of the Memphis World Trade Club. One would think thriving in an industry dominated by men would be enough. It wasn't! In 2016, she became one of few women certified as a railroad conductor. Yes, this petite, 40+-year-old superwoman can drive a train!

Roquita has been recognized nationally and internationally - Top 40 Under 40, MBJ Super Women in Business, Rising Stars of North American Railroads, and NAACP Distinguished Service - while advocating for gender and minority balance in the transportation workforce.

Over a 20 year career, Roquita has answered the call to serve on numerous civic, community, and corporate boards. In 2014, she was appointed by Memphis Mayor and City Council to the Memphis Area Transit Authority. She currently serves on the Memphis Chamber Board of Directors. Roquita also served on Soulsville Charter School Board for 5 years. Sousville was thrust into national spotlight when alum, Evvie McKinney, won a televised singing contest - The Four: Battle for Stardom.

Roquita is a Memphian who has changed the story of her life. She moved from the housing projects of 38126 to teenage mother, to a passionate advocate for women and children. In 2017, her commitment to philanthropy and expertise in brand strategy came together in a rare partnership with international footwear brand, Vibram. Through this remarkable partnership, Roquita contributes to the St. Jude's mission to cure cancer, literally, with every step she takes!


Roquita is also the founder and lead story-teller for the Storealities movement - an inspiring book series and documentary project to empower women through raw and authentic storytelling. Roquita helps women unravel their most challenging times to discover lessons we all can learn from. She says, "There is the positive reality on the other side of our most difficult moments. And Storealities is here to let every woman know she is not alone on that journey."


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Roquita Coleman-Williams


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