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Women of Metra: So Much More

Women of Metra Series

November 9, 2018

For the average commuter, ticket agents, conductors, and locomotive engineers are the face of public transit.  Behind the scenes, however, a vast team of skilled labor and degreed professionals are required to keep the trains running.  Here’s a sampling of the range of positions and talent that support your daily commute:

track workers, ticket agents, lawyers, accountants, architects, urban planners, civil engineers,  structural engineers, carpenters, car washers, electricians,    tower operators, switchmen, dispatchers, managers, car repairmen, and more.


Do you want more out of your career? Are you craving a workplace with opportunity for advancement where you can be challenged to grow to your full potential? Check out these stories of four women who found just that working at Metra.

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