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Women of Metra Series

Women of Metra:
Western Avenue Yard

December 2018

Brenda Simmons is a Carman.  She starts her shift at 11:00 p.m., working through the night to perform inspections that ensure cars are safe to head out for the morning commute.  She has been with Metra almost 15 years.  Like so many women who have found career opportunities at Metra, Brenda moved up the ranks to her current position by applying for and completing the apprenticeship program.

Margaret Wilson is a Coach Cleaner, a job she’s held for 43 years – longer than Metra has been in existence. At 84 years old, Margaret has the energy and spunk of a woman half her age. Her keen mind and institutional memory make her a go-to resource for managers and fellow workers alike. As her title implies, Margaret’s responsibility is to ensure that cars are spotless before they head out on their morning run. So, keep it clean, Chicago! Margaret is mopping up after you.

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